Apple develops new technology to watch three-dimensional content without special tools

Apple is developing a new technology that allows displaying three-dimensional content on the screens of its various devices, without the need to wear dedicated glasses, or even its Smart Vision Pro glasses.

According to a new patent, users of Mac computers and Apple Watch smartwatches may be able in the future to watch 3D content by looking at the screens of their devices with their eyes without wearing any special glasses, depending on lenticular display technology.

Apple used innovative technology to change the angle of view of the user across the screens of its devices, giving more than one person the experience of watching three-dimensional content, as this is available from different viewing angles, not from one specific angle.

The revolutionary application of the technology will allow the screens of future Apple devices to be more suitable for group activities, such as watching movies, or working on a three-dimensional model on a single screen.

The experience of using Apple screens with the new technology differs from what the Vision Pro glasses offer, as the latter relies on the idea of directional computing, which depends on displaying windows and digital screens in front of the user's eyes, surrounding him in the world that integrates the digital environment inside the glasses and his real reality.

As for the unique technology that Apple reveals in its patent, it relies on interacting with screens differently, which provides a lower level of interactivity compared to the Apple Vision Pro experience, as the new technology adds a stereoscopic dimension to the content, which turns it into "three-dimensional", and improves the experience of consuming content better.

It is noteworthy that the idea of displaying 3D content on personal computers is not new, as companies such as Acer and Asus have put on the market over the past years computers that provide a three-dimensional experience to interact with content through advanced screen technologies, but the real difference lies in Apple's method of presenting the idea.

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